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Improving Sperm Quality

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Trying to Conceive Advice for Fertile HealthDiet & Lifestyle Tips

As you make your way through the conception process, it's important to remember that sperm quality plays a major role. Sperm's shape, its mobility, and its overall quantity will have a profound impact on how easily conception occurs. The following are helpful tips on how to increase normal, healthy sperm.

What to Do To Increase Healthy Sperm

Have a healthy diet
Study after study has shown that a healthy diet full of vitamins and key minerals, like zinc, has a very positive effect on a body's ability to create healthy sperm. Remember, sperm is a product of you, and is only as good as the ingredients you give yourself.

Consider using fertility enhancing supplements
Sometimes, you can do everything right, an still need a little help. Products like FertileMax and Proxeed can help! These products have a number of active ingredients, like vitamin C, selenium and CoQ10, all of which are clinically proven to have a definite impact on the creation of healthy sperm.

Exercise regularly
It's not hard to draw a parallel between a healthy body and healthy sperm. Regular cardiovascular activity can provide an optimal pulse rate & increased oxygen intake. However, avoid overly strenuous exercise. It can raise the body's temperature, and that can damage sperm.

Get plenty of rest
Just as stress can reduce a woman’s ability to release an egg, stress can also negatively impact your body’s ability to create sperm.

Keep yourself safe
Testicular trauma can definitely have a negative impact on sperm production. Keep yourself protected.

Take a look at your medicine cabinet
There are plenty of prescription medications and over-the counter remedies that can negatively impact sperm. Ask your doctor if what you’re taking is helping or hurting your chances.

What to Avoid For Healthy Sperm

Perhaps not surprisingly, tobacco products have a negative impact on sperm. Whether you’re smoking or chewing, it’s time to quit if
you’re trying to conceive.

Use recreational drugs/alcohol
Drugs, including marijuana, have detrimental effects similar to those of tobacco smoking. There is also considerable data that excessive alcohol consumption can be harmful to sperm quality.

Wear restrictive clothing
Sperm do best at a certain temperature, and men have a built-in cooling device, scrotal elasticity. When the body is warm, the sack will descend, providing a cooling mechanism for the testes. However, in tight pants and underwear, that elasticity is limited. The sack has no room to lower itself, which prevents it from descending and keeping everything cool.

Use your laptop on top of your lap
Prolonged use of portable computers for periods of just 30 minutes on your lap can increase scrotal temperatures by as much as 5-degrees!

Stay in the hot tub too long
It’s true. The hot tub is not a sperm-friendly environment because of the water temperature. Heat is a sperm killer.

Ingest excessive caffeine
Recent reports suggest that an excessive amount of caffeine can reduce and retard the quality of sperm a man produces. As little as 3 cups of coffee a day can have a seriously detrimental effect.



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